Nomadic Bloemenhof / Jardin Aux Fleurs 2024

For the third time Veduta invites you to Nomadic Bloemenhof / Jardin aux Fleurs. Teaming up with artists, musicians, cultural organisations, as well as with local initiatives, merchants and neighbours, we are proud to present our most extensive program so far.

Pour la troisième fois, Veduta vous invite à Nomadic Jardin Aux Fleurs. En collaboration avec des artistes, musicien·ne·s, et organisations culturelles, ainsi qu’avec des associations locales, des marchands et le voisinage, nous sommes fiers de vous présenter notre programme.

Voor de derde keer nodigt Veduta jullie uit voor Nomadic Bloemenhof. Samen met artiesten, muzikanten en culturele partners, maar ook met lokale initiatieven, handelaars en buren stellen we met trots ons meest uitgebreide programma tot nog toe voor.


Nomadic is a biannual social art project which brings together artists, musicians, and cultural organisations with residents, merchants, social initiatives, and institutions.

Nomadic starts from that which is already present in a given neighbourhood. Artists are invited to work around the notions of public & private space, creating a site-specific exhibition throughout the neighbourhood’s streets, squares, facades, and inside its bars and shops.

Each edition is paired with an exciting activation program, celebrating local space by initiating concerts, performances, screenings, workshops and more. This is done both in collaboration with local associations, as with institutions and cultural centers.

Doing so, Nomadic aims to create genuine connections between locals and artists by bringing art outside of its conventional boundaries and into an undefined space. We hope to reflect on how we can share urban space, sparking a dialogue with the neighbourhood.



With the support of / Avec le soutien du / Met de steun van: Brussels Capital Region & Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC)